Thursday, January 30, 2014


Hip-hop belongs to whoever comes in and produces the best music. Your skin color may be a factor in how people view you when you first enter in, but once you show them that you're good then that doesn't matter. Eminent is one of the biggest names in the genre and he is white, he's still considered one of the best rappers. Macklemore saying he robbed Kendrick isn't because he's white and Kendrick's black, it's because he knows that Kendrick's music is better. He knows that his cheesy and repetitive songs catch the interest of people who don't necessarily like regular rap. He combines two genres by rapping over dance-like beats and using a catchy chorus. He pulls in fans from other genres of music who think his songs are catchy and they aren't even fans of hip-hop. His skin color isn't a factor in his apology, his music is just worse and he knows it. Macklemore writes his songs to top the charts for a month then never be heard again because they aren't really great songs, just catchy, so they grab attention for a little while the fade.

Friday, January 17, 2014


This year has been better for me as a writer than the previous years. What I liked about this year is that there was a lot more choice in what we wrote about. There was less promoting exactly what to write and instead there were just guidelines about how to write, then we usually had a choice about what exactly we wrote about. When you're writing about something of your choice it's a lot easier than when you're forced to write about a topic you have no interest in. When I was choosing my two pieces to use for this I pretty quickly knew the two I'd pick. They were pieces that while I was writing the thoughts just sort of flowed onto the paper. The personality profile, when this was assigned I knew immediately I wanted to write about my mother because she's always had such a passion for her work that would be easy to capture and write about. The strengths of this piece in my opinion are that it actually shows how much she enjoys her job and allows the reader to have a  idea about what my mom is like as a person. When choosing the feature article I thought about choosing something that I felt strongly about. Writing about something you have a genuine opinion about is easier, however, having to stay neutral is difficult when you have a strong opinion. Even though it's hard to keep your opinion out of the writing it's still enjoyable to write about something you care about. Overall I think I've improved this year and having another semester to improve even more is important before I go to college. Writing is always something I've struggle with somewhat and I've been trying to improve because I know when I go to college I'll need to be able to be a better writer than I am now. I always have found it difficult to get my thoughts onto paper and therefore my pieces have lacked information even when I have the ideas in my head. I hope to keep improving on this during the next semester and write more in depth thoughtful pieces.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Personality Profile

The interview I did for my personality profile was my mother, Susan. I chose her not necessarily because I'm super interested in following her career path as a hospice nurse, but more for her passion and interest in the profession. What I personally envy is that Sue wakes up everyday and is excited to go to work. In my opinion this is a concept that many, if not most Americans couldn't even imagine because most of us seem to dred work.

 It wasn't like she just found herself right at her dream job. After high school she owned a business with her husband running a car registration business. Once they moved to Maine she pursued nursing and got a degree as an RN. She initially became a labor and delivery nurse. She enjoyed this job for many years and truly enjoyed being there with women while helping them bring new life into this world. After a while though she knew that her real calling was something far different, quite literally on the opposite side of the spectrum of nursing, hospice. Her interest in hospice started from a fairly young age when Susan had to deal with the traumatic loss of her mother to cancer. Watching those nurses help her mother in her most vulnerable state really struck a chord. She appreciated what they did to make her mothers last moments as comfortable as possible. From that point on she always had a deep respect for hospice and the wonders it did for people who really needed it. For a while she was searching for ways to integrate into working hospice. She found a way that she could work part time and possibly start eventually working full time. She loved it. Even working part time she really enjoyed making a difference and her efforts didn't go unnoticed as she rather quickly was offered a full time job. She has now been able to do what she loves and has really enjoyed making a difference and having an impact on people during there last hours.

I'm really inspired by the fact that Sue found a job she really genuinely enjoys doing. I hope that I can be so fortunate to find a career such as this that I feel almost privileged to be a part of and feel like I'm really doing something positive for every that I work with. I don't really have a specific interest yet and I guess that's why I envy hers so much, I want to have a calling, a job that I really would strive to get to. I need that motivation and Sue has found exactly what most Americans dream off.

Feature Article

Senior Skip Day: Innocent Act? Or Menace?

Senior skip day is a well known custom among high schoolers. For those of you that somehow may not be aware of what exactly senior skip day is even, although it's not exactly hard to figure out, here's a brief explanation. Senior skip day is a school day where all of the seniors in the school skip for a day and go out to do something more enjoyable. This is can be organized fairly easily nowadays because social media websites such as Facebook allow students to reach out and contact virtually every other student in the school. Using Facebook a student can create an "event" with a set date and details about it. Other students can then be added to the event and help spread the word about the day and boom, you now have a set date with the entire senior class in the know. It isn't just that easy though, planning it isn't the tricky thing about over a hundred kids simultaneously skipping school, it's the fact that over a hundred kids aren't attending classes for a day. Is it harmless for the entire class to take a day off at once, or does it have an effect on their education and should have consequences? We asked this question to Freeport High School senior Ben Macmillan who was quoted as saying, "senior skip day is something that's been around forever, it shouldn't have any serious consequences." This viewpoint differs greatly from those of the administration of that very same school who reportedly have threatened to revoke senior privileges, which include open campus and early dismissal, for any seniors who take place in such a stunt. Reports from around the school have shown differing thoughts among students about wether or not it will end up happening. Some students say they have been swayed by the possible consequences to the point where they won't participate while others are feeling more rebellious and still wish to go through with it. It appears then that this won't end up being a class wide skip day and therefore won't have the same effect. A few missing seniors won't have quite the same effect as you picture when thinking of a senior sip day and it is because of this that it seems as though the administration has achieved what they wanted to accomplish with their threats. The school shouldn't expect to see any significant amount of students missing from classes at any point this year.