Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Climate Change

We haven't really spent any time learning about climate change in school, but I think it's something we all just understand is constantly happening. Most people who think with any sort of clarity can see that we are adversely affecting our climate every day in a lot of ways. I don't think that people not being informed about climate change is the problem I think it's that they are too selfish and short-sighted to do anything about the problem. In order to start solving the problem there needs to be strict regulations that prevent such devastation to the environment. Schools should also be teaching kids from a very young age tactics to allow themselves to do as little environmental damage as possible.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I have no real interest in joining a frat since being in a first is typically an indicator of what type of person you are, and usually doesn't say anything good about you. Frats can't police themselves because they're just full of college kids who are too drunk to know where they are half the time let alone enforce rules of any kind. With regards to the student who said pledging builds strong bonds, I don't see how tying someone up and forcing them to binge drink till they die builds any sort of bond. I think the only thing that would be lost for colleges campuses if frats no longer existed would be a lot less spots to throw parties. If a frat continues to cause a problem for a university they have the right to ban that frat entirely.

Opening moment.

The confusion behind what happened to the missing plane is still alive. Nobody is really sure what exactly took the plane down or where it ended up.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Editorial Thumbnail

Weather in Maine: The weather in Maine consists of freezing winters with a lot of snow and hot summers. This is an awful combination because you don't really escape either the hot or the cold. You get hit by both.

Bumper Stickers: People often use them to express themselves or just because they think it says something funny.  The only bumper stickers that  aren't super tacky are the ones that state something simple such as the school you apply. Your bumper isn't the place to tell a dirty joke or preach to the world your political views.

Reality TV:  Reality TV is basically where people who's lives are a wreck are filmed for the entertainment of others. It's typically very clearly staged and anyone who actually enjoys reality TV should probably pick up a hobby.

School Lunch: School lunches have always been about giving as little food at low quality as possible, at least that's how it feels. The food quality continues to get worse and worse as the prices go up. We pay $2.65 for a couple bites of pizza and a tiny bottle of milk. Good value.

Senior Privileges: This is when a senior in high school who maintains an 85 average basically has free reign to leave the school whenever they don't need to be here for a class. This is a good idea because it gives incentive to keep grades up for a section of students who typically begin to lose interest in high school as it comes to an end.

Warfare to solve political problems: If warfare was ever really used to solve actual political problems this wouldn't be an issue worth talking about. The problem is, it isn't, it's used by governments to further their own agenda instead of assisting the people of whatever underdeveloped country they decide to "rescue" this week.

Gun Control:  Whenever talks begin about limiting guns and who can buy them or what types they can buy many people who may or may not be related to the person they married get very heated. They begin to preach about the founding fathers and the 2nd amendment. The problem is this, the constitution was written at a time when everyone really did need a gun to keep themselves safe. In modern society that typically isn't the case. And even if it is you don't need a 50 round clip fully automatic rifle. Nobody needs that and it shouldn't even be debated on. Nobody needs the high powered rifles that are being banned. Self defense shouldn't require a long range gun.

FHS Renovations: The proposal to renovate the school and include a new athletic field has been tossed around for years. It continually gets shut down by people who think it would cost too much. What those people don't understand is that Freeport is far behind the towns that surround it. When people with children move to the area and look at the schools, what does Freeport have to attract them over, let's say, Yarmouth. Freeport lacks in that regard and renovating the school would be good for the entire town over the long term.