Wednesday, April 30, 2014

RSU5 Editorial

This editorial was written from the point of view of a Freeport resident who felt as though the school needs all of the renovations that were proposed and that is the clear tone of the piece. My opinion is very clearly stressed. I think one weakness of the piece is that the opposing view isn't really given much attention or really validated in any way. There may be a little too much bias.

RSU 5 has consisted of the towns of Freeport, Durham, and Pownal for the past few years. It had been a seemingly happy relationship up until a proposal for renovations to Freeport High School was proposed. This proposal included renovations to the school as well as a turf field and a track. The towns of Durham and Pownal combined to vote down the renovations and Freeport was sent back to the drawing board when it came to renovating the school.
Renovations to the school are necessary because the school has become very dated and isn't as technologically modern as it should be, to maximize the learning that occurs in the school. Also some teachers in the school don't even have classrooms of their own and are forced to cart their supplies from room to room for each class. Some classes at Freeport High School are even offered in a modular located near the school.
The towns of Durham and Pownal don't feel renovating the school benefits them in any way and that is why they vote against it. The renovations to the school could potentially increase the attraction of the town for people moving to the area and could therefore raise property values, benefits that Pownal and Durham wouldn't necessarily receive. Some RSU 5 residents saw the track and field as a luxury which caused the next proposal for renovations to have the school renovations on separate bills from the track and field.
The track and field was shot down by Durham and Pownal and was narrowly passed by Freeport. The track and field ultimately failed. The renovations to the school were passed. Freeport approved them voting 1639 to 1029, Durham and Pownal voted it down with votes of 828 against and 467 for in Durham and 395 against and 218 for in Pownal. (All statistics taken from Freeport residents have also voted to explore leaving the RSU. If freeport does leave the RSU the vote to renovate will have to be redone as Freeport instead of the RSU. Freeport residents are far more open to the expansion of the towns schools, as shown by the voting.
Freeport would be better off on its own because Durham and Pownal fight all forms of expansion. Unless those towns are willing to realize that spending a little money is necessary to improve the education of all future generations that attend Freeport High School, the town of Freeport should keep the high school for itself and have only Freeport residents have a say in our school system renovations.

Minimum Wage Editorial

The minimum wage editorial was one that I actually had interest in writing because I currently work a job that I basically make minimum wage. The topic is actually something that is relevant to me which made it much easier to write about and gave me an angle that was about benefiting myself while still managing to show the other side of the issue.

Minimum Wage: A little bit of change.

Minimum wage jobs make up a significant portion of the jobs available. Minimum wage jobs aren't only for teenagers still in school; the average age of minimum wage workers is 35. On average these people earn half of their families income. $7.25, the current minimum wage in the U.S, is simply not enough to make a living on.

Minimum wage is set by the government and needs an overhaul. It hasn't kept up with the increase in the cost of living and the wealth inequality in this country continues to rise. Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 would remove 4.6 million people from poverty. With those people climbing out of poverty would others find themselves on the other end and be laid off because companies had to pay more while being able to employ fewer?
The people against raising minimum wage, the ones who benefit from keeping the little man down, argue that it's worse for everyone if minimum wage is raised. They argue that employers having to pay higher wages would require them to lay people off and have fewer employees overall. Is it worth it for someone to work a job they can't make a living off of? Employers that are employing minimum wage workers aren't offering jobs that people can live off of. A job should be able to provide a living for the worker. Currently you can't make a living off minimum wage, so a few less jobs being offered, but giving more people than before the opportunity to make a real living is the right step. That will lead to the creation of more and more jobs at wages that people can live on.
The amount of adults with families not making enough money to support their families is much too high. Nobody should be working full time and still not make enough money to live. Many of these workers are forced to rely on government assistance which is bad for all tax payers. Our government is basically admitting that minimum wage is too low because they're willing to give money to those people who work those minimum wage jobs. The solution isn't in giving money to those people through aid programs, it's in raising the minimum wage.
Minimum wage needs to keep up with work productivity and it hasn't. As work productivity goes up the wealth inequality in this country goes up as well. Until the government can open their eyes and realize how beneficial for the entire country raising the minimum wage is we're going to have many people stuck in poverty with no way out.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Senior Move Review

The Passion of the Cam:

Rated R: For violence, drug use, and bullying.
Directed by: Susan Mason
If you're looking for a long, tedious movie that isn't very eventful then this is a must see. It stars a pretty bland high school senior from Maine who really just wants to be out of high school. This film was  No significant plot twists occur and it's clear that our hero is just waiting for the movie to be over, much like you'll be doing about five minutes in. This movie was so boring that no genre really deserves to be tainted by having this title fall under it, but we'll be forced to settle for documentary.

This documentary chronicles what senior year is really like as kids struggle to sit through class after class just counting down the days. Supporting roles in the film were; Ben Macmillan, the slow child who just couldn't seem to spell his own name no matter how hard he tried, Chandler and Niko who were "just friends", and Matthew Schultheis who was a clear love interest of our main character. All of these characters add a little bit of substance to this film and keep you constantly asking yourself questions like, "Are all people from Maine all this weird?" And, "Where is Maine, is that even a state?" And even, "What's wrong with that Ben kid and when will he stop licking those windows?" All in all the supporting cast does manage to lighten the mood of an otherwise bland film.

The setting of this film is in Freeport, a small town on the coast of Maine that will make you grateful for how much there is to do in the town you live in and happy not so many damn French-Canadians visit your home town and try to run you off the road while being the rudest people you will ever meet. Certain scenes of the movie appear to be almost exciting, but don't worry, before anything enjoyable happens someone with authority is sure to show up and ruin everyone's time! Coughcopsandsickelscough. This film serves as an excellent pick me up if you're having a bad year because it can't be any worse than this year! You thought your life was uneventful, just wait.

The sequel to this movie is reportedly already being filmed and should feature a lot of the same characters. We should see a lot of the same from the next with a different setting, a college campus. The film is set to feature a few new characters and some changes to the old ones, such as Ben Macmillan sporting a fancy new helmet to prevent injuring himself. Cam and Matt finally seal the deal and move in together. Chandler and Niko split up and move away from each other, who will win custody of the children in court? The sequel is set to be released in May of next year and will be titled: The Passion of the Cam II: Easter Sunday, the Reckoning.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Partly Cloudy Review

It's up to the clouds to provide the world with new life, but what happens when one cloud just can't get it right? Partly Cloudy tells a story of a cloud who can't seem to make the perfect creatures that the rest do. He tries and tries, but keeps making dangerous animals. His stork partner continually pays the price.

As the stork sees all of the others getting to play with adorable animals he is forced to deal with constant injury by his clouds creations. He becomes fed up after some time and it appears he is going to abandon his cloud.

The stork leaves to another cloud with no explanation. His cloud becomes very distraught and begins to lash out, this is where thunderstorms and rain come from, obviously.  Soon his stork returns and shows the cloud that he has a football helmet and shoulder pads to protect him from injury, he chose to stick it out with this cloud while he tries to get the hang of it. He is then rewarded by an electric shock, something pads don't help with.

This movie is rather clever in the way it portrays it's message. It's a very fun story to follow along with and also managed to have a very sincere message at the end about sticking with your friends through the hard times. Will this cloud ever improve its ability to create life? We don't know, but we do know the same stork will be there if he does.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Movie Reviews

  • If you are thinking about seeing a particular movie, would you consult a movie review for a recommendation? Why or why not? I don't really ever go to the movies, I just watch them on Netflix so I don't bother with a review, I just read the description. 

  • What types of useful information can a movie review offer you? List as many as you can.
    Pace of film, style of acting, which scenes were good and which were bad. 

  • How often do you think young people consult movie reviews before watching a movie?
    No idea. 

  • What aspects about movie reviews make them a positive or negative influence on your decision to watch the movie?  I don't watch them. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

College Crossroads

As a senior in high school you look forward to a fairly laid back year, other than one big obstacle, applying to college. The process of deciding where you want to go to school can be pretty daunting, it shouldn't. Focusing all your effort into getting into one specific school isn't necessary. Not getting into the school of your dreams isn't going to ruin the rest of your lives, plenty of other schools offer the same education and degree your looking for. It's you as a student that decides how beneficial college is for you, not the prestige the name of the school has. Instead the focus of someone applying to schools is to make sure you give yourself options. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, decide what you're interested in, then apply to a few schools that offer what you're looking for. Don't procrastinate though, from personal experience, that makes the entire process infinitely more stressful. You'll feel much better if you apply early and don't have to worry at all about meeting
Deadlines. Don't let yourself get attached to one school, truth be told it isn't that important where you go. What's important is you, what you put into your college experience. It's up to you how much going to school impacts your life. If you put in very little you'll get very little out, if you apply yourself then you'll end up giving yourself a chance for success.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SAT Scores in the Hiring Process

In my opinion businesses should be able to use whatever they want to determine whether or not they want you to work for them. They're trusting you to do a job that helps their business run so if they decide that your SAT scores are important, then they're important. Don't like it? Apply somewhere else. With so many people applying for the same jobs many of them have a lot of similarities and it can be hard to decide between people, using the SAT as a way to weed out some people who otherwise fit the criteria is fair when the people remaining have the same qualifications and also a good SAT score. The scores aren't the entire reason you either don't or do get hired, just another way to compare you to other applicants. Scores shouldn't mean everything, but they should be looked at as a point of comparison.