Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Minimum Wage Editorial

The minimum wage editorial was one that I actually had interest in writing because I currently work a job that I basically make minimum wage. The topic is actually something that is relevant to me which made it much easier to write about and gave me an angle that was about benefiting myself while still managing to show the other side of the issue.

Minimum Wage: A little bit of change.

Minimum wage jobs make up a significant portion of the jobs available. Minimum wage jobs aren't only for teenagers still in school; the average age of minimum wage workers is 35. On average these people earn half of their families income. $7.25, the current minimum wage in the U.S, is simply not enough to make a living on.

Minimum wage is set by the government and needs an overhaul. It hasn't kept up with the increase in the cost of living and the wealth inequality in this country continues to rise. Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 would remove 4.6 million people from poverty. With those people climbing out of poverty would others find themselves on the other end and be laid off because companies had to pay more while being able to employ fewer?
The people against raising minimum wage, the ones who benefit from keeping the little man down, argue that it's worse for everyone if minimum wage is raised. They argue that employers having to pay higher wages would require them to lay people off and have fewer employees overall. Is it worth it for someone to work a job they can't make a living off of? Employers that are employing minimum wage workers aren't offering jobs that people can live off of. A job should be able to provide a living for the worker. Currently you can't make a living off minimum wage, so a few less jobs being offered, but giving more people than before the opportunity to make a real living is the right step. That will lead to the creation of more and more jobs at wages that people can live on.
The amount of adults with families not making enough money to support their families is much too high. Nobody should be working full time and still not make enough money to live. Many of these workers are forced to rely on government assistance which is bad for all tax payers. Our government is basically admitting that minimum wage is too low because they're willing to give money to those people who work those minimum wage jobs. The solution isn't in giving money to those people through aid programs, it's in raising the minimum wage.
Minimum wage needs to keep up with work productivity and it hasn't. As work productivity goes up the wealth inequality in this country goes up as well. Until the government can open their eyes and realize how beneficial for the entire country raising the minimum wage is we're going to have many people stuck in poverty with no way out.

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