Thursday, April 17, 2014

Partly Cloudy Review

It's up to the clouds to provide the world with new life, but what happens when one cloud just can't get it right? Partly Cloudy tells a story of a cloud who can't seem to make the perfect creatures that the rest do. He tries and tries, but keeps making dangerous animals. His stork partner continually pays the price.

As the stork sees all of the others getting to play with adorable animals he is forced to deal with constant injury by his clouds creations. He becomes fed up after some time and it appears he is going to abandon his cloud.

The stork leaves to another cloud with no explanation. His cloud becomes very distraught and begins to lash out, this is where thunderstorms and rain come from, obviously.  Soon his stork returns and shows the cloud that he has a football helmet and shoulder pads to protect him from injury, he chose to stick it out with this cloud while he tries to get the hang of it. He is then rewarded by an electric shock, something pads don't help with.

This movie is rather clever in the way it portrays it's message. It's a very fun story to follow along with and also managed to have a very sincere message at the end about sticking with your friends through the hard times. Will this cloud ever improve its ability to create life? We don't know, but we do know the same stork will be there if he does.

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