Wednesday, April 30, 2014

RSU5 Editorial

This editorial was written from the point of view of a Freeport resident who felt as though the school needs all of the renovations that were proposed and that is the clear tone of the piece. My opinion is very clearly stressed. I think one weakness of the piece is that the opposing view isn't really given much attention or really validated in any way. There may be a little too much bias.

RSU 5 has consisted of the towns of Freeport, Durham, and Pownal for the past few years. It had been a seemingly happy relationship up until a proposal for renovations to Freeport High School was proposed. This proposal included renovations to the school as well as a turf field and a track. The towns of Durham and Pownal combined to vote down the renovations and Freeport was sent back to the drawing board when it came to renovating the school.
Renovations to the school are necessary because the school has become very dated and isn't as technologically modern as it should be, to maximize the learning that occurs in the school. Also some teachers in the school don't even have classrooms of their own and are forced to cart their supplies from room to room for each class. Some classes at Freeport High School are even offered in a modular located near the school.
The towns of Durham and Pownal don't feel renovating the school benefits them in any way and that is why they vote against it. The renovations to the school could potentially increase the attraction of the town for people moving to the area and could therefore raise property values, benefits that Pownal and Durham wouldn't necessarily receive. Some RSU 5 residents saw the track and field as a luxury which caused the next proposal for renovations to have the school renovations on separate bills from the track and field.
The track and field was shot down by Durham and Pownal and was narrowly passed by Freeport. The track and field ultimately failed. The renovations to the school were passed. Freeport approved them voting 1639 to 1029, Durham and Pownal voted it down with votes of 828 against and 467 for in Durham and 395 against and 218 for in Pownal. (All statistics taken from Freeport residents have also voted to explore leaving the RSU. If freeport does leave the RSU the vote to renovate will have to be redone as Freeport instead of the RSU. Freeport residents are far more open to the expansion of the towns schools, as shown by the voting.
Freeport would be better off on its own because Durham and Pownal fight all forms of expansion. Unless those towns are willing to realize that spending a little money is necessary to improve the education of all future generations that attend Freeport High School, the town of Freeport should keep the high school for itself and have only Freeport residents have a say in our school system renovations.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this and it will be interesting to see how Ben does in college

  2. I liked how you used the statistics from the forecaster and I thought your call to action was really good

  3. Maybe your right. Maybe it would spark kids learning if we have a new school