Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Senior Move Review

The Passion of the Cam:

Rated R: For violence, drug use, and bullying.
Directed by: Susan Mason
If you're looking for a long, tedious movie that isn't very eventful then this is a must see. It stars a pretty bland high school senior from Maine who really just wants to be out of high school. This film was  No significant plot twists occur and it's clear that our hero is just waiting for the movie to be over, much like you'll be doing about five minutes in. This movie was so boring that no genre really deserves to be tainted by having this title fall under it, but we'll be forced to settle for documentary.

This documentary chronicles what senior year is really like as kids struggle to sit through class after class just counting down the days. Supporting roles in the film were; Ben Macmillan, the slow child who just couldn't seem to spell his own name no matter how hard he tried, Chandler and Niko who were "just friends", and Matthew Schultheis who was a clear love interest of our main character. All of these characters add a little bit of substance to this film and keep you constantly asking yourself questions like, "Are all people from Maine all this weird?" And, "Where is Maine, is that even a state?" And even, "What's wrong with that Ben kid and when will he stop licking those windows?" All in all the supporting cast does manage to lighten the mood of an otherwise bland film.

The setting of this film is in Freeport, a small town on the coast of Maine that will make you grateful for how much there is to do in the town you live in and happy not so many damn French-Canadians visit your home town and try to run you off the road while being the rudest people you will ever meet. Certain scenes of the movie appear to be almost exciting, but don't worry, before anything enjoyable happens someone with authority is sure to show up and ruin everyone's time! Coughcopsandsickelscough. This film serves as an excellent pick me up if you're having a bad year because it can't be any worse than this year! You thought your life was uneventful, just wait.

The sequel to this movie is reportedly already being filmed and should feature a lot of the same characters. We should see a lot of the same from the next with a different setting, a college campus. The film is set to feature a few new characters and some changes to the old ones, such as Ben Macmillan sporting a fancy new helmet to prevent injuring himself. Cam and Matt finally seal the deal and move in together. Chandler and Niko split up and move away from each other, who will win custody of the children in court? The sequel is set to be released in May of next year and will be titled: The Passion of the Cam II: Easter Sunday, the Reckoning.


  1. This movie sounds so interesting and well played out.

  2. Quite possibly one of the funniest things I've read in a while. Great piece and humor. Poor Ben.. Glad he finally got a helmet but how did he get into college?

  3. I feel like this could be an actual movie, I would probably go see it.

  4. This definitely seems a legit movie review haha good job

  5. The piece had a very good flow and great humor to it. Nicely done!

  6. Aside from the stereotyping and questionable references, this was an enjoyable piece to read and included some quality details. I'm not sure this is a film I would want to watch as it's not sold particularly well, but maybe the sequel will be better?